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    a) participants born after 1stNovember 2005 (under the age of 10) will be expected to perform a programme of 4-6 minutes
    b) participants born after 1stNovember 1999 (over 10 years of age and under 16) will be expected to perform a programme of 6-8 minutes.

List your choice of pieces for the Final Auditions indicating Title of piece (including Opus No. where applicable); Name of composer, Duration of each piece in minutes. Selected pieces can be part of a larger work, eg. a movement from a Sonatina or Sonata, etc. A minimum of 1 piece and maximum of 4 different pieces can be performed.

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Preliminary Round: Audition by Video - Closing date 2nd November  

An amateur video recording demonstrating the applicant’s performance (made by mobile phone, camcorder, etc) of 1 or 2 pieces (from the audition programme submitted above) of a maximum duration of 4 minutes, is to be uploaded on a private Youtube channel of your choice and insert the link below.

Participation Fee: € 10.00. To be paid prior to closing date – by Cheque payable to New Names Malta Foundation. To be posted together with the acknowledgement which you will receive upon submitting this application online.

Postal Address: New Names Malta Foundation, IIM-Malta, The Emporium Level 3, C De Brocktorff Street – Msida MSD 1421. Late payment may lead to application not being accepted.

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to participate in the National Music Competition - New Names Malta, after reading and accepting the Rules and Regulations of the selection process. I acknowledge that by submitting this application form, I am confirming that all the above information is correct.

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